Since I can't talk to you like I want to  and i need to keep a distance so you're comfy, here are some things i wish i could talk to you about/show you, etc.

Tattoo -

it still needs some touch up and im gonna get a band aid added somewhere since the old one is now covered but here are looks better in person though 

Hot Wheels -

As you know, for several reasons i had to make the move on the car and get rid of the volvo.  here is what i got, not like super cool but its practical and cheap so it works despite what may happen to my income/expenses in the future

Miscellaneous items:

- Sprained my knee bad fighting but luckily didnt tear anything. lil hitch in my giddyup

- I'm trying hard to get out of the industry even out of security so thats what is taking so long

- Opened up about almost everything to Bill at lunch last week. He had lots of insight and i think, after me, he's the most disappointed you and i aren't "us"

- I hope you have a sense of how much superhuman restraint i am using in not talking to you etc. its still hard. i even had a CD all ready to make you and saw stuff i wanted to buy you but im obvi not doing that.  Its not easy to not follow your ticker despite seemingly insurmountable odds.